Carrier Oil Info Sheet

Jojoba Oil

 Skin Moisturizer
Great for all skin types - even oily
Can help treat acne
Reduces wrinkles


Almond Oil

 Hypoallergenic Properties
Protects skin from UV radiation
Deep skin cleanser
Anti-aging treatment
Great for skin that rashes easily
Reduces inflammation

Helps remove dead skin cells


Apricot Kernel Oil

 Skin moisturizer
Anti-aging treatment
Anti-oxidant fighting free radicals
Antibacterial properties
Anti-inflammatory properties
Makes skin soft

Grapeseed Oil

Stimulates beard growth!
Softens skin and reduces inflammation


Castor Oil

 Anti-microbial properties
Promotes beard growth
Fights beardruff
Castor oil has been effective in preventing beards from going grey


Hemp Oil

 Anti-aging properties
Soothes inflammation
Adds luster and shine to any beard
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